The city of Rhodes can be found on the south coast

There are so many things to do in Rhodes (Greece). One of seven wonders of antiquity is the Colossus of Rhodes. It can be found in the city’s port. You can also go kayaking around the coast and swim in it. You can also cruise around the island. There are many beaches available.

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Evening dinner cruises are a romantic option for those looking for a relaxing activity. There are many romantic spots on the island. You will enjoy listening to live music while you eat. Guests can also swim during the cruise. Lindos, the island’s most important archaeological site, is one of Rhodes’ other attractions. Its dramatic cliff-side setting makes it a spectacular sight to behold!

You’ll find many colorful butterflies in the Valley of the Butterflies during the summer months. They arrive in the region between June and September to ensure the survival for the next generation. While admiring the majestic creatures, you’ll be able to relax in the serene surroundings. The lush surroundings will surround you.

It is a must to visit Kastello, the ancient Greek city. The ruins of the Roloi clock tower, the oldest remaining example of gothic architecture, are another highlight. This ancient fort could be the site where the Colossus from Rhodes was once located. This site contains many medieval treasures, and secrets pathways. You should make time to visit these sites while you are in Rhodes.